Mount This Fish Company Reviews

We care, and we want to know if anything is bothering you! This customer service concept is what sets us apart from other fish mount companies in our industry. Our goal is that you are 100% satisfied with your fish replica and if not we are here to fix the problem or offer you your money back.


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We're in this together. You want a fish mount, we want to make it for you, but most importantly you need to be satisfied with the purchase and that is our number one priority at Mount This Fish Company. When you put that new fish replica up on the wall we want you to smile each time you look at it for the rest of your life.

George Gellert - 05/20<br>San Antonio, TX

48" Hammerhead Shark Full Mount

This is truly a work of art. If you immersed it in water you would swear it is alive. Details are excellent, and the paint nuances are fabulous. A real quality product clearly made by talented artisans.

George Gellert - 05/20
San Antonio, TX

Charles Keim - 04/18<br>Kissimmee, FL

27" Largemouth Bass Full Mount

I am so proud to show off the 9.8 lb bass I caught . The reason I am so proud is because of the quality work that Troy and his staff did on it. This is my second mount from these folks and let me tell you these mounts look amazing!! They are so lifelike in every aspect that if I held them for a picture, you would think they were fresh from the water. This quality of workmanship has made me a customer for life.

Charles Keim - 04/18
Kissimmee, FL

Bob Blalock - 08/20<br>Abbeville, AL

39" Red Snapper Half Mount Fish Replica

The mount looks great and everyone has commented how real and good it looks. It was shipped on time and in perfect condition.

Bob Blalock - 08/20
Abbeville, AL

Allen Peck- 09/21<br>Roanoke, VA

45" Muskie Full Mount

The musky looks great! There was no issues on the shipping. Great packing job. The price was really good too!!!

Allen Peck- 09/21
Roanoke, VA

TOM KLINE - 05/21<br>Fulton, MS

98" Striped Marlin Full Mount

They Marlin looks fantastic. It arrived unharmed and the people at Mount This kept me informed once the mount was ready to ship. I could not have asked for a better job.

TOM KLINE - 05/21
Fulton, MS

Bob Templeton - 05/16<br>Round Rock, TX

78" Atlantic Sailfish Full Mount

Mount This has a great website that allows you to choose both the size of your fish and body position. Simply download your photo, fill out the appropriate info and that is it... Approximately 2 weeks later we had a 6'6" sailfish delivered to our home! The process couldn't be easier. The attention to detail and quality of work is incredible. Truly a great team delivering a great product! Thank you much!

Bob Templeton - 05/16
Round Rock, TX