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Full Mounts

Our full mounts ship with an easy-to-hang bracket attached to the back side, on the balance point. After removing the mount from the packaging, hold it up on the wall where you would like it to live and then mark the spot where the hanger is on the wall. Then drill in a screw or hammer in a nail and the bracket will easily hang on the nail or screw head. The easy level bracket also allows you to display your new full mount replica on the wall at pretty much any angle. The bracket has 5 sawtooth grooves that the nail or screw head in the wall can hang on, creating a different balance point which allows you to point the head up toward the ceiling or down toward the floor, depending on which groove the head is in. We also offer an outdoor bracket for installation in areas that might have high wind or potential to get bumped. 

Half Mounts

Each fish mount in our half sided series comes with a fiberglass hanger on the backside of the fish mount. This allows easy installation once you receive your fish mount. The simplest and best procedure to install the new half sided fish mount is to have one person (or hold in one hand if doing it solo) and the other person (or hand) mark where the hanger on the backside touches the wall. Then take two, approximately 2-inch screws and drill them into the wall about 4 inches from each other on a slight upward slant so that the resined hanger on the back of the fish mount can slide down onto those two screws and hang on the wall for many years of enjoyment.  Please note:  The distance from the wall to the hanger will vary fish mount by fish mount so when placing down onto your screws in the wall be careful to make sure the hanger has rested on the screws and not on the top of the side of the half mount shell.

3D Mounts

3D suspension mounts are intended to be suspended from the ceiling and are completely finished on all sides for 360 degree viewing. These fish mounts are suspended by attaching either a heavy monofilament, string, or light gauge wire to small holes in the top dorsal fin and top portion of the tail, and when necessary, due to head weight, we will include an eye hole screw in the head portion of the replica. This allows for easy, quick and safe installation. 3D mounts can also be fabricated for pedestal applications where the fish may be attached to a piece of driftwood or part of a larger habitat scene.  These fish mount projects are considered custom projects and each 3D pedestal application is usually unique. If you would like a custom pedestal quote please send us all the information you have including size and specie and what you are envisioning.  

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