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Porpoise Fish Mounts

Porpoises can hold their breath for up to 10 minutes, which comes in handy since they can also dive to over 1550 feet!! (Just because they can dive this deep does not mean they like spending most of their time down that far, that is why you are use to seeing them swimming and playing at the surface of the water). Bottlenose dolphin are not only amazing with their qualities but they also have a majestic feel to them. Watching them jump out of the water, play in the wake behind your boat or simply just swimming along with their friends is definitely something you will remember for a lifetime.

Full Mounts

All of our two sided Porpoise full mounts are made of fiberglass for a lifetime of enjoyment. This item is one of the few replicas we offer that was not actually molded off a real specimen but instead it was sculpted. If you are purchasing a Porpoise full mount to commemorate a day out on the water, we encourage you to send a picture. We custom paint our Porpoise full mounts and we even custom paint our eyes to give a realistic look to your new trophy. For customers who do not have a photograph or are just purchasing for decoration, our normal process is to paint a standard grey body with a white belly. The final step is to clear coat the porpoise with a UV Protectant Urethane clear coat.

3D Suspension & Pedestal Mounts

Our 3D Porpoise fish mounts are intended to be suspended from the ceiling and are completely finished on all sides for 360 degree viewing. 3D fish mount replicas are suspended by attaching either a heavy monofilament, string or light gauge wire to small holes in the top dorsal fin and top portion of the tail and when necessary we will include a eyehole screw in the head portion of the replica.  This allows for easy and quick installation.  Pedestal mounting is an available option, this add on is necessary when using our products for addition to signs, displays or other interior or outdoor use. Pricing for the pedestal option is based on a per project basis.


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  • image_1867 36" Bottlenose Dolphin Full Mount 36" Bottlenose Dolphin Full Mount

    36" Bottlenose Dolphin Full Mount

    36 Inch Bottlenose Dolphin Two Sided Wall Mount CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE 36" Bottlenose Dolphin Full Mount This 36" bottlenose dolphin replica, which we call a two sided wall mount. Everything that is viewable when up on all the wall is finished...

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