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Opah Half Mounts


Opah are a very unique fish that are also known as moonfish. Not a lot of research has been done on these incredible fish, they are usually caught by commercial fishermen when fishing for swordfish and tuna but Opah is a rare catch by anglers. Our Opah half mounts are anatomically correct half fish replicas that are intended to be displayed on the wall. A half sided mount is produced by casting the front part of our two sided wall mount molds. When displayed the circumference of the half mount is either touching the wall or very close to the wall. This process cuts labor and supplies cost and therefore results in a lower price point however the skin texture and finishing process is the same as a traditional full mount.

Opah Half Mount Paint Schedule

We do not custom paint our half mounts but regular paint schedule is to paint the opah "lit up" and alive which is most likely what you are looking for and what most customers really appreciate. Opah normally have a orange, rose red body and fins, and sometimes silver with white dots all over. The final step is to clear coat the opah with a UV Protective Urethane clear coat. These beautiful opah are perfect pieces of decoration for your new house, office or Florida room.

Shipping Your New Opah Mount

Our packaging team is experienced and completely understand the importance of superior packaging to ensure a damage free transit. In the event that the shipping carrier decides to run over your package with their truck or something catastrophic happens we will instantly replace the damaged mount and please keep in mind all of our fish mounts come with a money back guarantee.

Installation Of Your Opah Mount

Your new Opah half mount will arrive with a resin hanger attached to the backside of the half mount that runs parallel to the ground. Hold the half mount up on the wall, mark the spot where the hanger touches the wall, drill in a couple screw or hammer in a couple nails and then hang your new Opah half mount. If you are intending to put this outside permanently we do have some additional hardware options. Please contact us prior to ordering to discuss those costs.

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