75" White Marlin Full Mount - SOLD

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White Marlin Two Sided Wall Mount


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THIS ITEM SOLD ON MAY 5TH, 2024 - If you would like to order one for yourself please visit our regular production listing HERE

75" White Marlin Fish Mount - SOLD

White Marlin Fish Mount GuaranteeThis 75" White Marlin full mount fish mount is in stock, for sale and ready to ship. The images you see within this description and above are pictures of the actual Marlin mount you will receive if you order this item.which we call a two sided wall mount, is extremely realistic, including a custom painted eye (or eyes if you choose backside eye), textured bill and skin texture that was captured during the molding process. Everything that is viewable when up on all the wall is finished. White Marlins are known throughout the Atlantic Ocean as being one of the hardest marlins to feed due to their keen ability to feel any pressure put on the line. Let's face it, if you are viewing this page then you either have a passion for catching white marlins, just happened to luck into one on a charter trip, or just know that a white marlin mount will look great on your wall.

White Marlin Paint Schedule

Blue Marlin Eye The picture you most likely have is either after the marlin has been pulled into the boat or back at the dock. It is a common understanding that white marlin's coloring change during the fight and once they have exerted all that energy attempting to get away from you, they begin to lose their coloring turning very dark blues, browns and blacks. This beautiful white marlin fish mount has been painted to showcase a free swimming white marlin as it coasts through the ocean surface layer looking for a baitfish to chase down and enjoy his next meal.  Vibrant blues of different shades have been painted on the shoulders, fins and tail and subtle vertical bands have been carefully airbrushed so that this white marlin fish mount looks alive. The final step was to apply a UV Protectant Urethane clear coat that protects the aritists airbrush paint allowing you to decorate indoors or outside.

Shipping Process

Once you place your order, our packaging team will carefully package this fish mount to ensure a safe journey from us to you. We are proud to boast a less than 1% damage rate but should for any reason this fish mount arrive to you less that 100% perfect, please let us know right away and we will remedy the situation accordingly. A couple of the smaller sized white marlin mounts will ship regular ground shipping but the larger white marlin replicas have to be crated and then shipped on a freight truck. Over the years we have developed the perfect crating system that provides enough protection to provide a safe transit from our place to yours without having to create a solid plywood framed crated which would be extremely heavy and extremely expensive to ship. Instead our crating system utilizes 1x4 furring strips with angle braces and 2 ply cardboard which delivers a lightweight crate with superior protection. Please contact our experienced team ahead of placing your order if you would like to obtain a rate quote to see the cost of shipping prior to your purchase.

75 Inch White Marlin Fish Replica Installation Process

Our easy to hang bracket arrives already attached to the backside, balance point of this fish mount. After removing this white marlin fish replica from the crate, hold up the fish mount on the wall where you would like it to live and then mark the spot where the hanger is on the wall. Then drill in a screw or hammer in a nail and the bracket will easily hang on the nail or screw head. The easy level bracket also allows you to display your new white marlin replica on the wall at pretty much any angle. The bracket has 5 sawtooth groves that the nail or screw head in the wall can hang on, creating a different balance point which allows you to point the head up toward the ceiling or down toward the floor, depending on which groove the head is in.

White Marlin Replica Questions? Contact Us

Mount This Fish Company team members are ready to help whether you have questions or are ready to place an order and would rather do it over the phone. Our focus is on providing you with a top quality fish mount replica at an extremely competitive price with the most exceptional service in the fish mount industry. We pride ourselves on being avid anglers with attention to detail and providing you with the customer service you deserve, backed by a money back guarantee. We're always excited to hear about your latest fishing adventures and what you have caught and/or ideas you might have for different design applications with our white marlin fish mounts. Give us a call at 321-403-6677 or email us at our General Email Address.

More About White Marlin:

White Marlin are a species of billfish that live in the epipelagic zone of the subtropical and tropical Atlantic Ocean. They are normally found between the latitudes of 45°north and 45°south in depths deeper than 300'. White Marlin normally stay close to the surface of the water and are commonly found above banks, shoals, and canyons but venture into deep blue water as well. White marlin are considered a medium sized billfish.

White Marlins are characterized by their rounded dorsal, pectoral, and anal fins, and a unique forked tail. The dorsal fin stands out as it runs along their entire back, rising much higher than other marlins, with 29 to 45 rays. These fish have a dark blue coloring on their backs and a milky silvery white with a hint of yellow on their flanks, but when attacking baitfish, they can turn completely dark with electric-looking vertical bands.

Like other billfish, White Marlins use their bills to strike at fish, and then come back to consume the injured prey. They have earned the nickname "Sneaky White" for their tendency to sneak into a trolling fisherman's spread and steal the bait before being detected. Hence, white marlin fishing teams stay vigilant and keep an eye on the waters behind the boat when reeling in bait for this species.

If you have caught a white marlin you deserve to relive that moment over and over and we would love to hear from you. Give us a call and lets put a
white marlin fish mount on your wall so you can commemorate that special days for many years to come.

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