48" Barracuda Full Mount - SOLD

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Barracuda Two Sided Wall Mount
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THIS ITEM SOLD ON JANUARY 9TH, 2024 - If you would like to order one for yourself please visit our regular production listing HERE

48" Barracuda Fish Mount: A Striking Replica - SOLD

Barracuda Fish Mount Guarantee

Discover the thrill of the sea with our 48" Barracuda Fish Mount, a meticulously crafted replica that embodies the fierce and enigmatic nature of the barracuda. Known for their formidable teeth and ambush hunting tactics, barracudas are a symbol of the ocean's untamed wildness. This replica uses dental impressions from real barracuda teeth, creating an astonishingly realistic appearance.

Artistic Excellence in Painting Barracuda Mounts

Our Barracuda Fish Mount is a work of art, ready to ship without the need for further customization. It captures the sleek, streamlined body and the striking silver coloration that makes the barracuda instantly recognizable. For those desiring a custom-painted barracuda to replicate a personal catch, please explore our Barracuda Full Mount section.

Professional Packaging & Secure Shipping

We pride ourselves on our expert packaging, ensuring your Barracuda Fish Mount arrives in pristine condition. Utilizing heavy-duty materials and careful packing techniques, we guarantee a damage-free delivery. If any issues arise during transit, rest assured, we will handle all charges for returns or repairs, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Effortless Installation of Your Barracuda Mount

Installation is seamless with our 'easy level' bracket, allowing you to display your Barracuda mount in a swimming position, either ascending or descending your wall. This intuitive design ensures a quick and hassle-free setup, letting you enjoy your new marine centerpiece in no time.

Additional Barracuda Insights

Barracudas are renowned for their optimistic hunting strategies and bursts of speed. Often found near various marine structures, they prey on a wide range of fish. While barracudas in some regions may contain ciguatera, a toxin, our fish mounts are safe, offering an opportunity to admire this apex predator's beauty without risk. Each replica is crafted to capture the essence of this iconic, reef-dwelling species.

  • Remarkably Realistic Barracuda Features
  • Simple to Clean and Maintain
  • User-Friendly, Secure Wall Mounting System
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: 100% Guarantee
  • Perfect for Indoor, Outdoor, or Dockside Display
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