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Yellowtail Snapper Two Sided Wall Mount

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In Stock & Ready To Ship

27" Yellowtail Snapper Fish Mount

Yellowtail SnapperFish Mount Guarantee This 27" Yellowtail Snapper full mount is in stock and ready to ship. The images you see within this description soon mount you will receive if you order this item. Yellowtail Snapper are commonly found in the Western Atlantic ocean throughout the Caribbean, South Florida and Southern Gulf of Mexico. These fish are great tasting and can be cooked in many different ways. They feed in schools and usually prefer to be around structures like coral reefs and wrecks. A fish of this size is commonly called a flag because of its shape and is considered a trophy fish perfect for a fish mount replica.This piece is extremely realistic, including custom painted eyes on both sides of the head, and skin texture that was captured during the molding process.This yellowtail snapper fish mount, like all our fish replicas, has a money back guarantee!

Painting A Yelowtail Snapper Mount

This Yellowtail Snapper has already been painted to look alive and lit up. It painted beautiful bright yellow and light blue body with a white belly and bright horizontal lines that run from behind the gill to the base of the tail. Since this yellowtail snapper mount is complete and ready to ship then we cannot paint according to your photo reference.

Shipping The Yellowtail Snapper Mount

Our packaging department is extremely experienced in packaging replicas to ensure a damage free shipping. Our packaging process includes the use of heavy duty, double corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts and box supports, assuring you of its safe arrival. In the rare instance that something does go wrong during transit from us to you, we will cover all charges on returning the yeloowtail snapper mount and either produce a new replica for you or fix the damage if its possible to do to where no damage is noticeable.

Installing Your New Yellowtail Snapper Mount

Each Yellowtail Snapper replica will arrive to you with an easy to hang bracket on the backside of the replica. Hold the mount on the wall, mark the spot where the bracket touches the wall, drill in a screw or hammer in a nail and then hang your new mount. The "easy level" bracket will allow you to position the mount parallel to the ground or pivoted so that the mount is either swimming up your wall or down your wall. The choice is yours!

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  • Indoor/Outdoor/Dockside Use
Return Policy*: We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products. The customer must contact our office within 7 days of receipt of product to get a return confirmation. Items must be received back to the Mount This office undamaged. We recommend using the same box, bubble wrap and any other items the mount was packaged with in order to ship it safely. Shipping and handling charges will not be reimbursed or credited back to the customer. A restocking fee may apply.

*Exceptions include custom painted replicas including made to order custom replicas including custom flamed replicas and Half Sided Series replicas when wanting to return because of not knowing it was a Half Sided Replica. All of our Half Sided Series replicas are clearly described as Half Sided Series replicas and we can not except returns based on the customer not taking the time to read the descriptions. NO returns, refunds or deposits refunded on orders invoiced with International ship to addresses.