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18" Flying Gurnard Replica


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THIS ITEM SOLD ON January 2nd 2023 - If you would like to order one for yourself please visit our regular production listing HERE

Flying Gurnard Mount Guarantee

18" Flying Gurnard Fish Mount - SOLD

This beautiful 18" Flying Gurnard full mount captures the true mysterious features of this aboslutely stunning creature. The Flying Gurnard, a unique species of fish belonging to the family Dactylopteridae, is an inhabitant of the tropical to warm temperate waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and western Pacific Oceans. Despite its name, the Flying Gurnard doesn't actually fly but rather uses its unusually large, wing-like pectoral fins to "walk" along the ocean floor or glide gracefully just above the substrate. These pectoral fins, often marked with eye-catching blue and green hues, are spread out when the fish feels threatened, creating an impressive display. The Flying Gurnard feeds primarily on small fish, crustaceans, and mollusks, and it has a specialized, armored head and body structure that helps protect it from potential predators. Its combination of beauty and unique movement makes it a fascinating subject of study for both marine biologists and underwater enthusiasts alike.

Flying Gurnard Mount Painting Schedule

We painted this Flying Gurnard in a lighter color scheme with bright highlights to really give it stunnig, wall appeal. The Flying Gurnard is known for its striking and vibrant coloration. The body itself may display a subdued coloration of grays and browns, which helps to camouflage it against the sandy or muddy sea floors where it dwells. However, it is the large pectoral fins that are truly eye-catching. These wing-like fins can exhibit stunning hues of blue, green, and even hints of red or yellow. The intricate patterns and colors not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also play a role in communication and protection. When the fish is threatened, it will spread its pectoral fins wide, displaying this brilliant coloration. This can startle or confuse predators, giving the Flying Gurnard a chance to escape. In some cases, the coloration might mimic other more venomous organisms, acting as a warning to would-be attackers. The color and pattern of the Flying Gurnard's fins can vary among individuals and even change based on factors like mood, age, and environmental conditions. This complex and dynamic coloration makes the Flying Gurnard a favorite among divers, photographers, and marine enthusiasts.The pictures you see in this listing are the actual pictures of the Flying Gurnard you will receive.

Shipping Process

Once you place your order, our packaging team will carefully package this fish mount to ensure a safe journey from us to you. We are proud to boast a less than 1% damage rate but should for any reason this fish mount arrive to you less that 100% perfect, please let us know right away and we will remedy the situation accordingly.

Flying Gurnard Mount Installation Process

Our easy to hang bracket arrives already attached to the backside, balance point of this fish mount. After removing this fish mount from the packaging, hold up the fish mount up on the wall where you would like it to live and then mark the spot where the hanger is on the wall. Then drill in a screw or hammer in a nail and the bracket will easily hang on the nail or screw head.

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