Product Update - Yelloweye Rockfish Mounts Discontinued

Product Update - Yelloweye Rockfish Mounts Discontinued

Jul 27th 2023

Yelloweye Rockfish Mounts - Discontinued

Yelloweye Rockfish Catch

The yelloweye rockfish is such an incredible fish specie.  The vibrant yellows and oranges with that vivid yellow eye just make it so unique, don't you think?  And while we have sold nearly 40 of them during our last 23 years of business we have decided to discontinue this mount moving forward.  The combination of rising blank prices and the amount of time they take to assemble for finishing pushes them out of our pricing program and therefore out of our wheel house, at least for the time being.  An exception to this decision might be if a customer needed a large assortment of fish mounts for a personal or residential project we may alter our decision so that we can supply the customer with all the replicas they are interested in.

Here is a little more about Yelloweye Rockfish in general.  Yelloweye rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) is a species of rockfish found along the coasts of North America, particularly in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. They are named for their distinct yellow eyes, which set them apart from other rockfish species. Yelloweye rockfish are known for their longevity and slow growth, with some individuals living up to 120 years and reaching lengths of over 30 inches. Unfortunately, they are considered a species of concern due to overfishing and habitat degradation, leading to conservation efforts to protect their populations.