Important Update: Changes to Our Shark Replica Offerings at Mount This Fish Company

Important Update: Changes to Our Shark Replica Offerings at Mount This Fish Company

Posted by Troy Denson on Aug 16th 2023

Mount This Fish Company - Announcement of Product Discontinuation

At Mount This Fish Company, we have always been committed to creating beautiful, life-like shark replicas, each one a testament to the majesty of these creatures. Our artists have spent countless hours perfecting every detail, from the curve of a fin to the glint in a shark's eye. Today, we are writing to share some important changes to our product line.

Lemon Shark

The Lemon Shark is not only known for its distinctive yellow coloring but also its social behavior, often seen swimming in groups. Our replica has always captured its inquisitive nature and the elegant design of its fins. Regrettably, this specie will no longer be available.

Bull Shark

One of the most versatile predators in the ocean, the Bull Shark is unique in its ability to thrive in various environments. Our replica has allowed enthusiasts to appreciate its muscular body and broad snout. However, the amount of time required for this blank to be prepared for paint has led to its discontinuation on all sizes except our 67" Half Mount Bull Shark.

Dusky Shark

The Dusky Shark is a master of adaptation, surviving in both coastal and offshore waters. Its sleek body and graceful movement have been lovingly reproduced in our replicas. Despite the passion for this model, we will no longer continue its production.

Nurse Shark

The gentle Nurse Shark is often recognized by its sluggish movement and unique feeding habits. Our replica has brought this fascinating creature to homes and offices, beautifully portraying its broad head and intricate mouth structure. Sadly, we must discontinue this unique piece.

Thresher Shark

The Thresher Shark's iconic long tail is not just for show; it uses it to stun prey. This incredible aspect of nature has been a challenge and a joy to replicate. The complexity of this design, however, has led to the decision to remove it from our product line.

We understand the deep connection many of our patrons have with these specific shark species, and we assure you that the decision to discontinue these models was made with heavy hearts. While we continue to offer a diverse range of other shark replicas, we encourage our customers to explore our other offerings and find new favorites.

For inquiries, special requests, or assistance in finding an alternative, please Email Us. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we are here to assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for your understanding, loyalty, and continued support. We look forward to serving you with new and exciting products in the future.


Troy Denson
President, Mount This Fish Company