Flattered By The Salty Crew | 67" Yellowfin Tuna Headed Their Way

Flattered By The Salty Crew | 67" Yellowfin Tuna Headed Their Way

Posted by Mount This Fish Company on May 3rd 2024

Yellowfin Tuna Mount Headed To The Salty Crew

At Mount This Fish Company, we take great pride in the trust and preference that renowned brands like Salty Crew show for our products. It's not just any day that a lifestyle brand celebrated for its robust connection to oceanic adventures chooses our replicas. Recently, Salty Crew selected a 67 Inch Yellowfin Tuna Full Mount from our collection, a choice that speaks volumes about their confidence in our craftsmanship over competitors. 

This exquisite mount is currently on its way to be a centerpiece in a product display at the Hi Tech Surf Shop on Maui, HI. Salty Crew's keen focus on quality, durability, and style resonates deeply with our commitment to producing mounts that are not only visually stunning but also embody the spirit of the sea. This collaboration isn't just business; it's a shared passion for the marine lifestyle and a commitment to excellence. 

Salty Crew's decision to feature our Yellowfin Tuna mount in their display highlights their ongoing dedication to celebrating and embracing the authentic salty lifestyle, alongside our dedication to artistry in craftsmanship. We're thrilled to see where this partnership goes and how our mounts continue to play a role in bringing the allure of the ocean into spaces around the globe.