27" Redfish Full Mount Fish Replica Customer Proofs 22683

27" Redfish Full Mount Fish Replica Customer Proofs 22683

Posted by Mount This Fish Company on Apr 5th 2023

Invoice #22683 - 27" Redfish Full Mount Fish Replica - Customer Provided Photo Reference

If you have purchased a custom painted full mount fish replica and supplied a photo this is where we will post the picture for you to review. To protect the identity of our customers and to keep things simple all picture reviews will be titled by the invoice number provided at time of purchase.

Once you have reviewed the photos please email to give approval to ship or to make suggested revisions.

Please read the following information before submitting your approval, question or revision request:

  • Our artists use your reference photos to produce a lifelike, accurate depiction replica of your catch. However, every spot, marking and or blemish may not be included unless previously requested and confirmed.
  • We try to take our pictures outside to give you the best lighting but we're here in Florida so it rains quite often and sometimes the pictures will be taken in our paint booth. Either way its fairly common for the pictures to contain white glare marks from the reflection of the sun or paint booth lighting. We take the pictures from different angles so the glare is not stuck in the same spot.

If you are providing a revision request it will take between 1 and 4 working days to provide you with another proof..