48" Yellowfin Tuna Suspension Mount

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Yellowfin Tuna 3D Mount
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Yellowfin Tuna 3D Mount

48" Yellowfin Tuna Suspension Mount

Yellowfin Tuna Fish Mount GuaranteeThis 48" Yellowfin Tuna full mount, which we call a 3D mount, is extremely realistic, including two custom painted eyes and incredibly detailed skin texture that was captured during the molding process on both sides allowing you to suspend this replica from the ceiling for complete 360 degree viewing. Yellowfin Tunas are known for their exploding, arial strikes on baits and their delicious table fair. Yellowfin Tuna are a highly migratory species and can be found throughout the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and into the Caribbean waters. Yellowfin Tuna fish suspension replicas are anatomically correct fish mounts that are intended to be displayed in the air. These yellowfin tuna 3D replicas also have the ability to be displayed on pedestals upon request however additional charges will apply with those costs dependent on the complexity of the design and application of the pedestal.

Yellowfin Tuna Paint Schedule

All of our Yellowfin Tuna suspension mounts are made of fiberglass for a lifetime of enjoyment and are hand crafted to represent the fish you caught or to showcase the fishes alive and lit up look as if it was swimming in the ocean. If you are purchasing a Yellowfin Tuna replica to commemorate a catch, we encourage you to send a picture of your catch. We custom paint our Yellowfin Tuna full mounts and we even custom paint our eyes to give a realistic look to your new trophy. Our production team even takes the time to notch out rips and tears that your Yellowfin Tuna might have. For customers who do not have a photograph or are just purchasing for decoration, our normal process is to paint blue to steel black above, silver to silvery gold on the flanks, silvery white below. In fresh fish a band of bright gold or iridescent blue (sometimes both) runs along the upper flank, separating the dark back from the lighter belly area. The final step is to clear coat the yellowfin tuna with a UV Protectant Urethane clear coat, allowing you to display your new tuna fish replica indoors or outside. Taking care of your new Yellowfin Tuna 3D replica is also extremely easy as since the clear coat is Urethane then you can keep the glossy finish by occasionally waxing the replica like you would your vehicle.

Yellowfin Tuna Suspension Replica Shipping Process

Once you place your order, our packaging team will carefully package this fish mount to ensure a safe journey from us to you. We are proud to boast a less than 1% damage rate but should for any reason this fish mount arrive to you less that 100% perfect, please let us know right away and we will remedy the situation accordingly. A couple of the smaller sized yellowfin tuna mounts will ship regular ground shipping but the larger yellowfin tuna replicas have to be crated and then shipped on a freight truck. Over the years we have developed the perfect crating system that provides enough protection to provide a safe transit from our place to yours without having to create a solid plywood framed crated which would be extremely heavy and extremely expensive to ship. Instead our crating system utilizes 1x4 furring strips with angle braces and 2 ply cardboard which delivers a lightweight crate with superior protection. Please contact our experienced team ahead of placing your order if you would like to obtain a rate quote to see the cost of shipping prior to your purchase.

Yellowfin Tuna Fish Mount Installation Process

Your new yellowfin tuna 3D fish mount will arrive with a small hole in both the dorsal and the top of the tail. These holes allow you to use either a heavy monofilament or thin cable wire to attach to the ceiling and then through the holes of these fins so that the fish can be suspended at whatever height you prefer. This application is very popular in restaurants and high ceiling homes and office buildings. Additional eyehole screws can be added to the head to give another anchor point for the suspension lines. More information is available upon request.

Questions? Contact Us
Mount This Fish Company team members are ready to help whether you have questions or are ready to place an order and would rather do it over the phone. Our focus is on providing you with a top quality fish mount replica at an extremely competitive price with the most exceptional service in the fish mount industry. We pride ourselves on being avid anglers with attention to detail and providing you with the customer service you deserve, backed by a money back guarantee. We're always excited to hear about your latest fishing adventures and what you have caught and/or ideas you might have for different design applications with our yellowfin tuna fish mounts. Give us a call at 321-403-6677 or email us at our General Email Address.

More About Yellowfin Tunas:

Yellowfin tuna are a species of fish found in pelagic waters of both tropical and subtropical climates. Yellowfin Tuna are one of the larger tuna species and can reach to weights of over 400 pounds. Yellowfin Tuna are easily identifiable by their extremely bright yellow finlets which run between the second dorsal fin and the caudal fin (the tail). The second dorsal and anal fins are commonly called sickles. These fins can grow up to two feet in length on very large yellowfin tunas. Hawaiian's word for yellowfin tuna is Ahi and this is the common word in sushi restaurants and seafood markets. The yellowfin tuna loin is sought worldwide for sushi applications as the flesh melts in your mouth when eating it raw. Experienced sushi chefs and home cooks can prepare ahi in dozens of different ways to enjoy eating it raw.

There are a many different ways to catch yellowfin tuna. Some anglers like to toss chunks on structures in the ocean like Fads and oil rigs, bringing the yellowfin tuna up toward the boat and then pitching baits to hook up with the yellowfins. Here, off the east coast of Florida, the preferred way to catch Yellowfin Tuna is to mark bird packs with radar and then pull baits in front of the bird packs which have yellowfin tuna feeding under the bait pods that the birds are feeding on. When you get to hook up with a trophy yellowfin tuna be sure to get a hold of us so we can make you yellowfin tuna replica to commemorate that special day on the water for the rest of your life.

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