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This category contains 3D Walleye fish mount replicas. The 3D fish mounts are intended to be suspended from the ceiling and are completely finished on all sides for 360 degree viewing. The 3D Walleye taxidermy mount replicas are suspended by attaching either a heavy monofilament, string or light gauge wire to small holes in the top dorsal fin and top portion of the tail and when necessary we will include an eye hole screw in the head portion of the replica. This allows for easy and quick installation. Pedestal mounting is an available option, this add on is necessary when using our products for addition to signs, displays or other interior or outdoor use. Pricing for the pedestal option is based on a per project basis.
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  • image_2375 36" Walleye 3D Fish Mount Replica - Suspension Mount

    36" Walleye 3D Fish Mount Replica - Suspension Mount

    CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Due to fish blank supply and labor issues we are currently unable to accept orders for this item. When our situation changes for the best we will put this item back into regular production mode. If you would like to know when this...

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