36" Walleye Full Mount Fish Replica

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Walleye Two Sided Wall Mount
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36" Walleye Fish Mount

Walleye Fish Mount Guarantee This 36" Walleye Fish Mount, also known as a two-sided wall mount, boasts incredibly realistic details, including custom painted eyes and skin texture that were captured during the molding process. Every aspect that is visible from all angles is beautifully finished. The walleye, a popular game fish, is sought after by many anglers for its delicious taste and delicate meat. This predatory species is found in the clear rivers and lakes of North America, particularly in the United States and Canada. The walleye is a light-sensitive fish and is most active during dawn and dusk, preying on smaller fish and crustaceans. Its name comes from its distinctive eye, which shines in low light and appears to "glow." The walleye is highly prized for both recreational and commercial fishing.

Walleye Fish Mount Paint Scheme

The walleye fish is easily recognizable by its unique coloration and markings. The back of the fish is usually a greenish-brown shade, transitioning to a golden-yellow color on the belly, creating a mottled appearance that helps the fish blend in with its environment and avoid predators. The fins are typically a dark green or black color, contrasting with the light underbelly. The most striking feature of the walleye is its large, golden-colored eyes, which are bright and have a reflective layer that allows the fish to see in low light conditions, making it an effective hunter even in murky waters. The walleye's distinctive colors and markings make it a sought-after species among anglers. Our team of painters works closely with our customers to match their catch, as long as the fish is not dead for too long and has lost its vibrancy. The glass eyes are also hand-painted to showcase the typical yellow and green colors found in the walleye's eyes.

Walleye Fish Replica Shipping Method

We take great care to ensure the safe arrival of your walleye fish replica. Our experienced packaging department uses heavy-duty, double corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, and box supports to ensure that your replica arrives in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong during transit, we will cover all costs for the return of the damaged replica and either produce a new one for you or repair it if possible to the point where no damage is noticeable.

Displaying Your 36" Walleye Fish Replica

Your 36" Walleye fish mount comes with a convenient and easy-to-use hanging bracket on the back. To hang it, simply hold the mount against the wall, mark the spot where the bracket makes contact, then drill a screw or hammer in a nail and hang the mount. The "easy level" bracket allows you to display the mount either parallel to the ground or with a swimming effect, depending on your preference.

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