Seafood Restaurant Projects

Choosing the right interior decoration for your restaurant is a crucial step in providing an atmosphere your customers will enjoy and want to visit again. Since 2001, Mount This Fish Company has worked with thousands of restaurant owners, managers and franchisees to help decorate their new establishments with our mounted fish replicas. Our fish mount team has thorough knowledge to help you decide which species are local to your establishments and/or matching common species names with sushi names. For example, two common sashimi pieces are ahi and ono. Ahi is Japanese for Yellowfin Tuna and Ono is the Hawaiian name for Wahoo.

Our Combo Fish Mount Packages section has a few multiple fish mount packages choices for you to look through, however we are always eager to help you put together a custom fish mount package that fits your species and size requirements. Whether you're searching for a few fish mounts or hundreds for very large quantities, Mount This Fish Company is here to serve your fish replica needs.

The following are a few seafood restaurant décor mount projects:

Molly's Seafood Shack - Merritt Island, Florida - 17 fish mount package - 13 two sided wall mounts and 4 suspended (3D) fish mount replica including a 116" Great White Shark.

Sexton Seafood - Destin, Florida - 25 total fish mounts - All two sided wall mounts that represent the fish species that they serve in their seafood fish market.

Lewes Fishhouse - Delaware, Maryland - 15 half sided fish mount replicas for the outside of their building and three 3D fish mount replicas for their store sign by the street.