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Why Choose Mount This Fish Co.?

For 23 years Mount This Fish Company has pushed the fish mount industry to higher standards including quality customer service, fair pricing and faster turnaround times. We take pride in producing high-quality fish mounts that can be customized to your exact specifications of a particular catch or used for interior and exterior decor in home or commercial locations. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, your satisfaction is our top priority. 

What Is The Different Between A
Fish Mount & A Fish Replica?

Well, to be blunt, there really isn't much difference.  The terms "Fish Mounts" and "Fish Replicas" get used pretty often when describing the same types of fish reproduction products.  Traditionally the terms "fish mount" and "fish replica" were used in reference to true taxidermy where a taxidermist preserves the skin of a fish and mounts it onto a form to produce a fish mount.  Thanks to the evolution of the fiberglass fish mount process anglers have the option to choose to conservatively release their catch or to harvest their catch and still commemorate with a custom produced fish replica.  The development of the half sided fish replica has also spawned more affordable fish mounts used primarily for home and office decor, adding coastal flair to any interior or exterior space. 

Community Involvement Utilizing Our Fish Replicas

Mount This Fish Company produces fish replicas and what better way for us to support communities by donating our fish mounts to different fishing tournaments and organizations. Many of these organizations and fishing related events use our fish replicas as raffle prizes or trophies and these organizations benefit charities and foundations.

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