Bottlenose Dolphin Full Mounts

Bottlenose Dolphin can hold its breath for up to 10 minutes, which comes in handy since they can also dive to over 1550 feet!! (Just because they can dive this deep does not mean they like spending most of their time down that far, that is why you are use to seeing them swimming and playing at the surface of the water). Bottlenose dolphin are not only amazing with their qualities but they also have a majestic feel to them. Watching them jump out of the water, play in the wake behind your boat or simply just swimming along with their friends is definitely something you will remember for a lifetime.

Full Mounts

All of our two sided Bottlenose Dolphin full mounts are made of fiberglass for a lifetime of enjoyment and are hand crafted to look alive and lit up as if it was swimming in the ocean. Everything you see while the fish mount is hanging on the wall is painted. The backside of the mount that is touching the wall or not viewable is actually painted black. These two sided wall mounts are not intended to be hung from the ceiling.

Half Mounts

Our Bottlenose half mounts are anatomically correct half fish replicas that are intended to be displayed on the wall. A half sided mount is produced by casting the front part of our two sided wall mount molds. When displayed the circumference of the half mount is either touching the wall or very close to the wall. This process cuts labor and supplies cost and therefore results in a lower price point however the skin texture and finishing process is the same as a traditional full mount.



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    36" Bottlenose Dolphin Half Mount (Blue)

    36" Bottlenose Dolphin Half Mount - Blue This bottlenose dolphin mount is part of our half sided series. This item is one of the few replicas we offer that was not actually molded off a real specimen but instead it was sculpted. Bottlenose dolphins are...

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