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WTH is a NFT?

Mount This Fish Company is proud to be the first fish mount company to produce and provide NFT's to our customer base.  But you might be asking WTH is a NFT, right?  NFT's are all the new rage in today's technology driven space.  NFT stands for non fungible token and are a digital asset that is owned by one individual, documented on the blockchain.  Now if all this is sounding like Greek to you, we understand. However NFT's are the wave of the future.  Eventually every major sporting event you go to, car you buy, home you buy, or any contract in general will be documented by holding an NFT and the associated storing of that NFT on the blockchain showing you went to that event, bought that house or car and or entered the above mentioned contract.


So what do you need to get a free NFT from Mount This Fish Company?  First you just have to place an order online for a fish mount worth $200 or more and then:


You need a cryptocurrency wallet.  The most popular wallet is MetaMask.  If you have one already just simply enter your wallet address during the comment section of checkout.  Within 3-4 days we will transfer over the current free NFT, which is Hogfish Harry at the moment.  If you do not already have a cryptocurrency wallet then please do some research on your favorite internet browser to learn a little more about cryptocurrency wallets and how to get one.


For over 20 years MTFC has pushed the fish mount industry to provide a wider variety of fish mount products, exceptional customer service and reduced production times and now we are proud to be pioneering the path into digital fish mount decor.


Coming soon we will be making customized NFT's to commemorate a customer's catch will also include the tangible fish mount as well as creating fish mount decor for the MetaVerse world quickly gaining momentum in the gaming world and Web3.0 development.

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